At Best Love Quarantine Hotel, Your Comfort Is Our Prioirty

We are located in: Daan

Located 100 meters away from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station and SOGO shopping mall. Heart of Taipei City!

“Quarantined here for 15 days. I want to thank all the workers here!”

My meals are interchangeable on a daily basis. The workers are extremely supportive and I believe this is one of the most humane hotel I have been in.
Montana Reinoehl

For your stomach

We will try to satisfy whatever you would like to eat!

For every meal

From sweets to typical meals, if its within our budget you can request for it!

All meals are flexible

Request most restaurants within our location radius!

High speed internet and a working desk

WIFI speed are consistently below 5 ping and around 20mb/sec download speed. Ensuring our customers are connected with the rest of the world!